About us

President Message


Dr. Mrs. Usha  A. Johari


Welcome dear students,

Our vision of the Institute is to play significant role in the progress of the society. Santkrupa Institute visualizes Educational Activities,Social Activities,Health Care Activities,Environmental Activities,Spiritual Activities & Moral Activities.

As you are aware ‘Knowledge’ is power.  Knowledge forms to be the basic need for growth and progress of the society, in specific and growth of the country ,in general.The pace of change demands constant learning to keep up with what’s new, but equally important is preserving the lessons of the past.For this Santkrupa has a strong focus on providing excellent ambience and infrastructure in which intellectual capital will thrive and bloom. India will thus be a knowledge hub.

Sanstha has taken place with the vision of demographical improvement with excellence in education and life style of people. Transformation in society with dynamic education in the area of Technical, Techno-commercial, Engineering, Advanced Agricultural such as Horticulture, Floriculture, Sericulture, Biotechnology, Management sciences as well as Pharmaceutical with hospital and clinical study specialization at global standards. To educate the people from general, rural, social and economical backward classes, and carry out research in medicine, medical bio-techno-medical as well as Paramedical.

India is facing a huge shortage of skilled man power. It has been estimated that nearly 500 million people need to be skilled/ up-skilled by 2022. Gone are those days when education  institutes were started with the sole aim of knowledge dissemination. The future belongs to educationists who believe in knowledge creation through high quality research and development. Here at Santkrupa, our aim is to build a strong future for our country. This is our privilege and also our responsibility. Do what will make you proud of yourself, your family proud of you and finally your nation proud of you.

Shree Santkrupa Shikshan Sanstha at Post Ghogaon, Tal Karad, Dist. Satara is an Educational institute registered under Bombay Public Trust Act 1950. Shree Santkrupa Shkishan Sanstha is conducting courses of Polytechnic, D.Pharm, B.Pharm, M.Pharm, B.Ed, D.Ed, M.Ed. Sanstha is also planning to start Degree Engineering college and various Medical and Technical colleges.

I invite you to experience, explore, play, learn and get motivated to meet the challenges to shape your career and future. Welcome to Santkrupa family.